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What Is A Chiropractic Medical Lien?

chiropractic medical lien

No one ever wants to be injured in an auto accident. However, dealing with the aftermath may sometimes be just as stressful when you don’t know what to expect. For example, a common question we hear is, “What is a chiropractic medical lien?”

Medical liens are a common practice for auto accident chiropractors treating injured patients.

A medical lien allows you to receive chiropractic treatment without paying for it up front, until your claim is settled with the third-party insurance carrier, your own MedPay or Uninsured Motorist.

With a medical lien, it legally requires the insurance carrier to “recognize” our bills in addition and separately from other settlements on your claim such as “pain and suffering” and “vehicle-property damage.”

Without a chiropractic medical lien, the insurance carrier will not recognize your medical bills, making you solely responsible for payment.

You will receive a Certified Letter notifying you that a lien has been filed. The mail carrier will come to your door for a required signature.

If at anytime you have questions about our auto injury care, please call our clinic directly and we will be happy to assist you.