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Why Choose Surprise Chiropractic Care

surprise chiropractic care clinic

Chiropractic treatment is a viable solution for many different health issues. Whether you have debilitating back pain, or you suffer from severe headaches after an automobile accident, seeing our team of chiropractors will help. The key is to find the right chiropractor for your personality and lifestyle. Here are some reasons why you should choose our Surprise chiropractic care clinic.


All chiropractors must complete extensive educational requirements before being able to apply their personal injury treatment plans, but the added value of experience is often underrated. Just knowing that our chiropractic physicians have seen thousands of patients with your condition provides a peace of mind that you may not have otherwise. Feel free to ask about the depth of our experience at Goodyear Chiropractic – Surprise during your initial consultation.


Conventional medical treatment spends a lot of time covering up symptoms with pain medication and then repeating those methods when the symptoms inevitably return. When you choose chiropractic care, our chiropractors will focus on what is causing your aches, pains, and loss of mobility. The pain you feel is not the problem, it is the result of the problem. If you have severe headache pain that is being caused by the vertebrae in your neck being misaligned, fixing those vertebrae can remove the headache symptom permanently rather than temporarily.


Every patient has different injuries, body types, genetic predispositions, histories, and lifestyles. Treating every patient the same is never the best way to see positive results on a consistent basis. When you seek out chiropractic care at Goodyear Chiropractic – Surprise, you’ll receive customized treatment plans that deal with your specific situation. The treatment protocol and duration may vary from someone else who appears to have the same problem as you, but it is designed to treat you as an individual.

It’s also important to note that you as the patient always have ultimate control over your own treatment plan. You’ll be given suggestions and recommendations, but the choice to continue is always yours. You’ll be treated with respect and courtesy and you’ll always be made to feel at home. Chiropractic care is about treating the whole person with non-invasive and drug-free techniques and we will always communicate openly about your condition and how you are responding to treatment.

Goodyear Chiropractic – Surprise is located on the SE Corner of Waddell & Reems Road, in the Marley Park Plaza.  Look for the big red Goodyear Chiropractic sign, directly above our clinic.  We’re conveniently located next door to Bashas’ Grocery Store.  Walk-ins are always welcome or feel free to call us at (623) 225-7408 to book an appointment.  You can also click on the Schedule Now button above to request a day and time you would like to come in and a team member will call you to confirm your request.

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