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Cupping Therapy


Add-on cupping therapy to any of our massage therapy sessions. Cupping therapy uses negative pressure, as in suction, to lift tissues up and draw in fresh blood flow and intercellular fluids to stagnant tissues and drain stagnate fluid and metabolic waste away from injured tissues.

The movement with suction cups releases rigid soft tissues, loosens adhesions and allows space between layers of tissues to promote circulation. This application addresses myriad of acute or chronic, stubborn myofascial dysfunction. Using cupping therapy with soft tissue mobilization techniques such as trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, joint mobilization, will effectively achieve far reaching results. Lifting the skin and underlying tissues up also engages parasympathetic nervous system allowing deep relaxation to move through the entire body. You will feel relaxed, relieved, warm and light. Your body will move with fluid glide and your pain will be markedly decreased.

A regular massage is great for the mind and body. The type of massage that the person gets would depend on what they are hoping to achieve from getting a massage. The massage professionals at Goodyear Chiropractic offer different types of massage depending on what the client or patient needs. Whether you want to heal your mind or your body or both, you can get the treatment that you need at Goodyear Chiropractic.

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