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What is Perineural Injection Therapy?

What is perineural injection therapy?

Perineural injection therapy, also known as PIT or neural prolotherapy, is a safe and effective treatment for some types of chronic pain. This therapy is mainly used to target pain that is caused by inflamed or injured nerves.

Perineural involves the injection of a dextrose solution (typically 5%), with or without an
anesthetic agent, into tender points in the subcutaneous tissue along the path of the affected nerve or into the peripheral nerve for management of chronic pain, such as neurogenic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and low back pain.

Most patients will require 4-6 perineural injection therapy treatments for 7-10 days or up to 2-4 weeks apart depending on their condition. No pain medications or local anesthetics are required. After the first perineural injection therapy treatment, the pain relief only lasts a few hours and the pain returns. So patience is a must.

Our clinic will use 5% Dextrose, sterile water, and lidocaine.

Do I need an appointment?

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